About Tin

我從 2004 年開始寫 Blog,不過寫得有點斷斷續續。

先是 Blogger,但寫了一會轉用 WordPress,後來又因為一些緣故轉用 Sinablog,現在又回到 WordPress。

每一次結束一個地方都是因為飽受垃圾留言的困擾,好像 Sinablog 的帳號早前有超過 400 個留言銷售我不需要的偉哥。

我沒有抱著甚麼野心寫這個 Blog,只想為自己的所見所聞留點記錄,這個 Blog 沒有甚麼方向,沒有甚麼道路,沒有甚麼指標,我想寫甚麼就甚麼。


簡單地自我介紹,我是香港人,活躍於 Twitter (@uituit),於 2004 年開始用 Mac,擁有 PowerBook G4, iPod, iPod Nano, iPhone (2G, 3G, 4), MacBook Pro 及 iMac。自小學習音樂,鋼琴、大提琴及聲樂,對香港製作沒興趣,愛好音樂劇、英美流行/搖滾及古典音樂;喜歡的歌手包括 Sarah Brightman, Josh Groban, Julie Atherton, Eric Clapton;夜間平靜思想時會聽安魂曲或馬友友的大提琴獨奏。很陶醉大提琴那接近人聲,拉出的音樂猶如把故事娓娓道來的感覺。

Tin, Aug 2011

Started writing blog occasionally since 2004.

First started blogging in Blogger.com, then WordPress, then Sinablog, and now back to WordPress.

Every time I quit because of spam, like I got more than 400 spam messages in my Sina account, selling Viagra which I don’t really need.

I am not writing this blog with any ambition, my purpose is simply leave a record of things I faced. There is no direction, no structured path, no signpost for this blog. I write what I want to, simple.

If you don’t know who I am, never mind, need not to know.

A very simple introduction, I am an active twitter user (@uituit) from Hong Kong. Adopted Mac since 2004, own a PowerBook G4, iPod, iPod Nano, iPhone (2G, 3G, 4), MacBook Pro and iMac. Trained in music, did piano, cello and singing. Not interested in produce of the Hong Kong Music industry. A big lover of musical, US/UK Pop/Rock and Classical music. My favorite singers include Sarah Brightman, Josh Groban, Julie Atherton and Eric Clapton. Inclined to listen to Requiem or Yo-Yo Ma’s Cello solo at night to calm down. Addicted to Cello’s human voice-like sound, the sound just like a story teller telling a story.

Tin, Aug 2011


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