121028 – Is it Mong Kok?

Downstairs is one of the busiest 3 storeys shopping mall, packed with nearly 350 shops, with thousands of people visiting, to sell or purchase their latest mobile gadgets to or from those shops; it also is a place where you can find the most number of iPhone 5 in Hong Kong – Sincere Podium. Yet entering the building from a side entrance, taking the life to the top floor, you can find a quiet, isolated place, with a taste of 1960s & 70s.

Sincere House is standing there quietly on the busiest spot of Hong Kong, and sealed the fate of this commercial/residential building. The 11 storeys building on top of the mall are densely packed with hostels for tourists from mainland China, some young people rent a flat to start their own restaurant, or even transform it into a band room. No doubt it’s busy 24-7, but visiting before peak hour (11-ish) can definitely see something different.

Stepping into the environment, I really did question myself, “Is it the place I just sold my ‘new’ iPad?”

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