Celebrating the Life of Steve

Steve Jobs (1955 – 2011)

And the man has left the world, at the age of 56, leaving behind his digital empire, leaving the world from the top of his career.

一代偉人在 56 歲時與世長辭,留下他的數碼王國,在事業頂峰離開人世。

Some say…

Some say, without Steve, Apple will not release iPhone again; so the price for Chinese black market rocketed once again, creating an infinity loop outside Apple Store in IFC.

有人說,Steve Jobs 離世後,Apple 將不再推出 iPhone;消息令 iPhone 在中國的炒價回升,在 IFC 的 Apple Store 前出現了無盡的迴環,等候購買一部以上的 iPhone。

Collecting iPhone 4 right outside the store

and some say they would like to buy every iPhone available in Hong Kong.

又有人說他們想收購香港市面所有 iPhone。

Flowers outside Hong Kong Store

but their stupidity will not stop us giving salute to the man,


Candle and Flower

presenting candle and flower for him.


Stickies on the Dashboard

Some say Steve hates Post-it, but what better way to leave him a message in front of his Store? Besides, we still have Stickies on our Dashboard.

有人說 Steve 痛恨 Post-it,但又有甚麼更好的方法讓我們在他的商店外留言?另外,我們的 Dashboard 上還有 Stickies!

My note to Steve

My message to Steve,

我給 Steve 的留言:

Steve, You showed us what a digital era should be like. Though you can’t bring us to the promised land, we’ll arrive there on the stones you laid for us. Tin


MacBook Air and iPad

Steve, innovations you brought us will keep us going.


 Thank you.

Thank you for the things you brought us in the past years, may you rest in peace.



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