Haunted Mansion

I’m not really talking about the movie or a real property but my blog here in WordPress.
It’s quite easy to get lost in life in this stressful city. Repeating the same pattern everyday, wake up, take the tube, change in certain stations, start to work, lunch, work again, break, work, change and take the tube again. My mind, while in the journey, ‘s been like being put in the WARP zone, I can hardly remember a thing during the journey as I dig myself in the latest Manga, TV Shows, Movies, Games and so on…
If people use “gear” as a metaphor to represent workers who move the city, I think I am no better than the air particle being pushed when the machine is working.
Time for my Annual Leave and I hope to take this chance to think what should I focus in my life.
Definitely will blog more…

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